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Buy One Gram is a Platform or Service Provider Working with Farmers, Agro Industry, Exporters, Wholesaler, Big Stores, Mart, Grocery selling Online Platform To Increase Farmers Income, Direct Selling, Export from Farmers Field, Reduce Delivery Time, Transportaion Cost Etc. Provide farmers to a logging Pannal to get in touch with daily update's. Also Provide Demand, help to Sell Agro Products as Quality, after all buying procedure Shift to B1G Warehouse and Delivery to the Consumer Receive order and Demand from Exporter, Agro Industry, Store Etc. Make sure for payment safety, Quality assurance and On time Delivery with Safety. Through the use of technology connect the farmer and the end consumer at one single point. Thus providing a simple platform to benefit both. Own Buy One Gram Wholesale Application that Provide all product to Shop or Mart We Directly connected to 20 Big Mart and 56 Small Outlet

Meet Our Team

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Rahul Choudhary

Founder & CLO

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Mahendra Saran

Co-Founder & CEO

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Rakesh Yadav

Delivery Operation Manager


Direct Selling:Empower farmers by showcasing the benefits of direct selling. Highlight how it enables farmers to bypass intermediaries and establish direct connections with buyers. Emphasize the advantages of this model, such as better prices, increased profitability, and the ability to build long-term relationships with buyers.

Post-Harvesting Services:Highlight the comprehensive range of post-harvesting services offered by Buy One Gram. Showcase how these services add value to the farmers' produce, making it market-ready and meeting the highest quality standards. Detail each service, such as cleaning, grading, drying, milling, size reduction, de-husking, extraction, packaging, handling, storage, transportation, and marketing.

Quality Assurance:Assure buyers of the exceptional quality and safety standards maintained by Buy One Gram. Highlight the rigorous quality control measures in place, including certifications, lab testing, and regular quality checks. Demonstrate how these measures instill confidence in buyers, ensuring that they receive premium-quality agricultural products.

Price Information:Highlight the importance of real-time market updates and pricing information for farmers. Explain how Buy One Gram provides farmers with access to accurate and up-to-date price data, enabling them to make informed decisions about selling their produce. Showcase the platform's user-friendly interface and intuitive tools for price tracking and analysis.

Transportation and Logistics: Showcase the efficient transportation and logistics support provided by Buy One Gram. Highlight the seamless processes in place to ensure timely delivery of products from the farm to the buyers. Emphasize the optimized logistics network and strategic partnerships that enable swift and cost-effective transportation.

Trust and Transparency:Emphasize the core values of trust and transparency upheld by Buy One Gram. Showcase the platform's commitment to building trust among farmers and buyers through verified profiles, customer reviews and ratings, and secure payment options. Highlight the transparent communication channels and dispute resolution mechanisms in place to foster trust and fair transactions.

Farmer Support and Empowerment: Showcase the various initiatives undertaken by Buy One Gram to support and empower farmers. Highlight access to affordable inputs, training programs, and financial assistance aimed at enhancing agricultural practices and increasing farmers' income. Demonstrate how Buy One Gram goes beyond being a marketplace by actively contributing to the holistic development of farmers.

Packaging Solutions:Showcase the range of packaging solutions offered by Buy One Gram. Highlight the importance of proper packaging in preserving the quality and freshness of agricultural products during storage and transportation. Mention the availability of various packaging options, including eco-friendly and customized packaging, to cater to the specific needs of different products.

Value-Added Processing:Highlight the value-added processing services provided by Buy One Gram. Showcase how the startup adds value to farmers' produce through processes such as juicing, drying, grinding, and packaging of value-added products. Emphasize the potential for higher returns and market opportunities that come with offering processed and value-added agricultural products.

Market Linkages:Showcase the platform's ability to connect farmers to a wide network of potential buyers, both locally and globally. Highlight how Buy One Gram helps farmers access new markets and expand their customer base through its extensive buyer network. Emphasize the advantages of these market linkages in terms of market reach, demand visibility, and increased sales potential for farmers.

Storage Facilities:Highlight the availability of modern and well-equipped storage facilities provided by Buy One Gram. Emphasize the importance of proper storage in maintaining the quality and shelf life of agricultural products. Mention temperature-controlled storage options, cold storage facilities, and adequate space for bulk storage to cater to the diverse storage needs of farmers.

Traceability and Product Information: Highlight the platform's focus on traceability and providing detailed product information to buyers. Showcase how Buy One Gram enables buyers to trace the origin of the products they purchase, ensuring transparency and accountability. Mention features such as batch tracking, product certifications, and detailed product descriptions to build buyer trust and confidence.

Market Intelligence:Highlight the market intelligence services offered by Buy One Gram. Showcase how the platform provides farmers with valuable insights and trends in the agricultural market, enabling them to make informed decisions about their post-harvesting processes and product offerings. Mention features such as market analysis, demand forecasting, and crop-specific reports to empower farmers with market knowledge.

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