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About Buy One Gram

Buy One Gram is an agriculture-focused startup based in Jaipur, India. Our mission is toize the agricultural industry by promoting sustainable farming practices and facilitating direct transactions between farmers and buyers.

Our platform provides a comprehensive solution for farmers and agro-traders to connect and conduct business. Our services include a marketplace for buying and selling agricultural commodities, real-time price information, logistics support, and post-harvesting services. We also promote sustainable and eco-friendly farming practices and aim to increase the profitability of farmers by reducing the number of intermediaries in the supply chain.

At Buy One Gram, we believe in empowering farmers and promoting gender inclusivity in the agricultural sector. We actively involve and empower women farmers in the agricultural sector and provide equal opportunities for women to participate in farming and related activities. We also provide training and education programs to women farmers, to help them improve their farming techniques and increase their yields.

Our platform is designed to simplify the process of buying and selling agricultural commodities, while also promoting sustainable farming practices and improving the livelihoods of farmers. By providing a comprehensive platform that includes a marketplace, post-harvesting services, and real-time price information, we aim to improve the efficiency and transparency of the agricultural sector and increase the profitability of farmers.

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